• Flask Webserver Deployment - Part 1: Hosting Services Python Flask

    Hello World again. This is my second post and I'm going to write about the steps it took me to get my Flask Application deployed to a Webserver.

    Content of this Tutorial

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  • My first Post

    Hello World

    Hello, my name is Stefan and I wrote this small blogging platform in Python using its great Flask microframework. I was guided along the way by the very recommendable book "Flask Web Development" from Miguel Grinberg. After some days of work this is my first post on this platform and it seems to work.

    Why did I do it?

    Actually I have been programming Python for a while now. It is a great programming language and for me it was just fun to get to know more and more features of the language and available packages. I actually got into web-programming by beer... , yes beer... I'm not only a coder but also a homebrewer (I will write about my brewing experiences in this blog later on). To make my life as a homebrewer a bit easier I was working on a brewing controller, a Raspberry Pi controlling my mashing and brewing temperatures. I first came in touch with Flask when I was looking for a way to build a nice-looking GUI for the brewing controller. I immediately liked its simplicity and modularity. During the learning progress I came across Miguel Grinbergs "Flask Mega Tutorial" in which he points out the main features of Flask and some of its Addons by developing a microblogging platform. I liked it very much so I decided to buy his book and create my own blog basing on it. So now we're here.

    What will I write about?

    I want to write about my coding experiences especially by extending the functionality of this blog. Also I want to write about my brewing experiences and new beer creations. So I think there will be plenty to write about in the time to come. To keep the orientation one of my next objectives will be to add Tags to the posts.